Connected Sustainable Cities by William J. Mitchell and Federico Casalegno
Connected Sustainable Cities - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Illustrated Scenarios
Illustrated Scenarios

Managing Homes

A home is a kind of artificial organism. It has four basic input and output streams: energy, physical things (materials and goods in and solid waste out), fresh and waste water, and information. In earlier times, input streams mostly originated near to the home, and waste was also disposed of locally. Now, homes are connected to far-flung infrastructures and to supply and disposal chains that may extend deep into a hinterland, or even globally.

Today, connectivity is opening up the possibility of monitoring and managing these resource and waste streams more effectively, linking waste streams back to input streams so valuable resources can be recycled through the system, and shortening supply and removal chains so that less time and energy are expended in moving things through them. The scenarios that follow in this chapter illustrate some of the emerging possibilities.