Connected Sustainable Cities by William J. Mitchell and Federico Casalegno
Connected Sustainable Cities - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Illustrated Scenarios
Illustrated Scenarios

Managing Workplaces

In communities, people tend to experience warmer, more satisfying personal relationships than they do in broader society as a whole. Imagine how much happier and productive we could all be if we could shift more of our work to the "warmer" location and away from the colder, less personal, more dehumanized location of the modern office building or factory.

Such is the idea of the "urban village" – a place where we broaden the local loop concept introduced earlier as a means to organize more sustainable behavior and use sustainable technologies while, simultaneously, capturing the opportunity to work, live, and play in that enhanced location, linking the best of a local community with the infrastructure of the modern work world.

It is possible only in our digital era.